The Marine Science Center

This video (German) illustrates the work at the Marine Science Center.

How harbor seals pursue schooling herring

In spring 2009, a school of herring entered the seals' enclosure and stayed for almost a month. During that time, we filmed the seals hunting fish. Finally, in April 2015, our manuscript "How harbor seals pursue schooling herring" was accepted by Mammalian Biology. Here we present a very short video sequence showing how elegantly our seals were pursuing fish.

Winter at the Marine Science Center

In the last two winters the facility of the Marine Science Center was completely frozen up during several weeks. At the beginning it was only covered by a thin sheet of ice which the animals first did not dare to break. They finally broke the ice after collecting experience with it. In the second winter they were even able to keep their own breathing holes open although this is not part of the natural behaviour of harbour seals. The video shows seal Sam breaking through the thin ice carefully.


During the breeding season male harbour seals are attracting females by displaying a large repertoire of vocalizations. The seals at the Marine Science Center show how vocal the seals can be. The first video furthermore illustrates additional behaviours shown during display such as bubbling and clapping on the water surface.