Rules inside the animal training area

1. Entering the facility, as well as all executed activities on board, in particular but not limited to contact with the kept animals happen at your own risk!

2. A possible strict liability from animal husbandry is excluded.

3. The visitor has been informed of the following sources of danger and rules of conduct:

  • The facility may be slippery due to ice, snow, contamination or wetness which increases the danger of slipping or falling.
  • Ropes, hooks, loops, slings etc. can be found all over the facility for the fixation of scientific equipment which increases the danger of tripping or falling.
  • Electric equipment may not be touched since the proximity to water increases the danger of electric shock.
  • Animals may transmit viral and bacterial infections causing diseases! An infection can be transmitted via direct contact (bite, skin contact etc.) or indirect contact (feces, urin, saliva etc. on facility surfaces or in the water) possible.
  • The kept animals are to be seen as wild animals by visitors. Despite the animals usually being docile when interacting with the trainers and scientists known to them they can attack at any time and without any known reason. An attack of an animal this size and strength can lead to significant bodily injury and even death!
  • Visitors may never enter the animal training area unaccompanied. Visitors musst follow the trainers' and scientists' instructions at all times. Visitors may never approach, feed or touch an animal on their own accord. Interaction with the animals only occurs as instructed by the trainers or scientists. An animal may never be harassed or cornered since this may provoke aggression.

4. In order to ensure a smooth experimental procedure we kindly ask all visitors to pay respect to the following:

  • do not call the animals
  • do not feed the animals
  • do not consume food on the visitor platforms
  • do not run, jump or climb on the visitor platforms