Marine Science Center
Am Yachthafen 3A
18119 Rostock - Hohe Düne
The Marine Science Center is located inside the Marina Hohe Düne. The institute ship "Lichtenberg" is laying directly at the eastern breakwater of the river Warnow. Signs are showing the way to the MSC when leaving the ferry and when coming from the direction of Markgrafenheide. Coming from Markgrafenheide please turn left onto the compound of the hotel Yachthafenresidenz and follow the road until you reach the congress center. Walk onto the breakwater behind the congress center until you reach the MSC.



University of Rostock
Institute for Biosciences
18059 Rostock
If you have questions regarding academia:
AG Prof. Dehnhardt: Petra Schumann
AG Prof. Hanke: Prof. Frederike Hanke