Das Marine Science Center

This video briefly outlines the research performed at the Marine Science Center.

Winter at the Marine Science Center

During the first few winters the aquatic facility was largely covered by ice for several weeks. At first only a thin layer on the water surface developed. After a while the seals learned to break through this layer. During the second winter they even started to frequent certain spots in order to create breathing holes in the ice. This is especially astonishing since harbour seals do not live in areas with constant ice. So maintaining breathing holes does not constitute a natural behaviour. In the video you can see harbour seal Sam carefully breaking through the ice during the first winter at the Marine Science Center.


During mating season males try to impress females by their oftentimes vast repertoire of vocalization. The harbour seals of the Marine Science Center like to show-off their capabilities as well. In the first video we see harbour seal Moe vocalizing and slapping the water surface with his front flippers which is also part of the courting ritual. The second video shows harbour seal Filou vocalizing and letting out a stream of bubbles to attract females.