MSC Wildlife

Since many years wild seals can be observed in the direct vicinity of the Marine Science Center. Two individuals, a female harbour seal and a male grey seal, haul out on the outer floating elements of the enclosure, and interactions between the seals inside and outside the enclosure occur regularly.

In the farer surrounding of the Marine Science Center an adult female harbour seal could often be found. She was absolutely not afraid of people and was enjoying the beach of Hohe Düne close to the helicopter airfield. She could be observed while hunting inside and outside the marina. In summer 2012 another young harbour seal joined her. However, unfortunately both seals died within one week in mid September. The causes of their death of both animals are unclarified until now.

Furthermore a very young harbour seal was hauling out on the dog beach in Hohe Düne in winter 2011 and 2012.

In spring 2016, we had an exotic flying guest - an inka tern.

Currently, we can amlost daily observe a female harbour seal at the facility.