Prof. Dr. Guido Dehnhardt



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PD Dr. Wolf Hanke

Topic of research:

Sensory and behavioral biology of marine mammals and fishes, e. g. perception of hydrodynamic stimuli, visual system, vestibular system, sensory and cognitive basis of predator-prey-interaction 

Dr. Yvonne Krüger

Topic of PhD project:

Perception of hydrodynamic stimuli by stationary harbor seals

Dr. Jenny Ann Byl

Topic of PhD project:

Auditive abilities of harbor seals



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Tim Hüttner

Topic of PhD project:

Electroreception in the Bottlenose dolphin

Jasmina Gebert, B. Sc.

Topic of Master project:

Functional characterisation of the vibrissae of the eared seals

Lesley Kirchner

Animal trainer


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Petra Schumann

Organization and coordinator of media

Office Hohe Düne


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Maren Bagrowski


Office at univeristy

Julia Heiler, M. Sc.

Coordinator of Science live

Nina Wengst, M. Sc.

Coordinator of Science live