Prof. Dr. Frederike Hanke

Topic of research:

All kinds of aspects of vision - including the adaptation of the visual system to the amphibious lifestyle up to polarization vision, visual orientation and cognition as well as visual neuroanatomy - in seals and cephalopods

Dipl. Phys. Lars Miersch

Technical section leader


Tamara Heinrich, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Timing in harbour seals and a fur seal

Eric Maaß, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Spatial orientation

Laura-Marie Sandow, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Visual basics and perception

Julia Schnermann, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Strustural analysis of the visual system of seals

Dr. Kenneth Sørensen


Caroline Spratte, M. Sc.


Hanna Carstens (Bachelor thesis)

Virginia Hartmann (Master thesis)

Francine Heimann (State exam thesis)

Marius Hoppe (Master thesis)

Jana Hüller (Bachelor thesis)

Julia Kollwitz (Bachelor thesis)

Lisa Krey (State exam thesis)

Sabrina Petry (Bachelor thesis)


Maren Bagrowski


Office Institute for Biosciences