Prof. Dr. Frederike Hanke

Topic of research:

All kinds of aspects of vision - including the adaptation of the visual system to the amphibious lifestyle up to polarization vision, visual orientation and cognition as well as visual neuroanatomy - in seals and cephalopods

Dipl. Phys. Lars Miersch

Technical section leader


Tamara Heinrich, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Timing in harbour seals and a fur seal

Eric Maaß, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Spatial orientation

Julia Schnermann, M. Sc.

Topic of PhD project:

Strustural analysis of the visual system of seals

Kenneth Sørensen, M. Sc.


Caroline Spratte, M. Sc.


Maren Bagrowski


Office Institute for Biosciences