Seal encounter

Accompany our staff in small groups into the animal training area. On our training platform you get to meet our seals and observe their training from up close while learning exciting facts about the biology of these fascinating marine mammals. Of course you're allowed to take pictures as well! Our staff will be happy to take a picture of you and a seal with your cell phone. Please approach us at the beginning of the event.

Please be advised that:

  • pregnant women and children under the age of 5 may not participate for safety reasons.
  • People displaying flue symptoms are excluded from this event to protect our animals and staff.
  • we cannot make exceptions concerning maximum number of participants and minimum age.
  • visitors must leave the working area immediately in case of inappropriate behavior.

There are different ways to experience this offer!

In case of participating minors the liability exclusion must be signed by a guardian.

We accept cancelation of an offer free of charge 10 days in advance. Later cancelation up to 2 days in advance in a fee of 50%. Cancelation 1 day in advance results in a late fee of 100%.