Research live

Slip into the role of a researcher!

Duration:                                 60 minutes
Participants:                          up to 5 people
Minimum age:                      12 years
Price:                                          €250.00
Availability in April:
Wed:                         3:00 pm
Sun:                           11:00 am
Availability May - October:
Wed:                         4:00 pm
Sun:                           11:00 am
Availability in November:
Sun:                           11:00 am
Accompany our staff inside the animal training area. Here you become part of the research by assisting our scientist during an experiment with one of our seals. Please note that 1 participant actively partakes in the experiment while the others observe. Please be advised that you will partake in an already completed experiment.
Furthermore you will get an exclusive view "behind the scenes" of a current experiment. 
We accept cancelation of an offer free of charge 10 days in advance. Later cancelation up to 2 days in advance results in a fee of 50%. Cancelation 1 day in advance results in a late fee of 100%.
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